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Random Generation

Block Pattern

block pattern screenshotWatch as a beautiful block pattern is randomly generated over time. Each square has the same chance to change colors, but it doesn't happen evenly in the short run.


street generator screenshotGenerate some random streets in a town.

Land Tiles

random map screenshotGenerate a random map with water and land. Then play around making changes to obtain the perfect setup for a game, story, or diagram.

Land vs. Water

land vs. water screenshotSimulate two competing populations: the land loving greens and the water loving reds as they move into an unexplored region. Watch as they takeover and hold territory from the competition.



Konquest screenshotPlay the classic game of intergalactic conquest. Race against your opponents to colonize other planets and protect your own against invasions. Watch out, though, these planets may not be completely uninhabited.

Calculus Conquest

Calculus conquest screenshotIn this classroom game, teams of students compete against each other to build houses and castles by solving Calculus problems. There are even caves with hidden surprises (or dangers) to explore.

Web Applications


CloudDesk screenshotPlay around in an html desktop running in your browser.